Black Diamond Railway Part II Preview
The Black Diamond Railway is getting rave reviews.  Here is what some customers are saying:

"Two thumbs up ...! Best train layout video I have ever viewed!"

"Incredible ... absolutely incredible."

"Superb overall effect!"

"In a word; WOW!!! "

"I've watched the DVD at least 5 times thus far"
Black Diamond Railway Part II
(Widescreen format 84min)

Table of Contents

Chapter  Title

1.Opening Train Action sequence
2.Introduction and Preview 
3.Layout Extension RRTrack Design
5.Track Supports
6.Track work (flextrack)
7.Wiring Switches
8.Mounting switch machine
9.Wiring Signals part I (relays)
10.    Wiring Signals part II (DCS Controls)
11.    Mountain Scenery and trees
12.    Ground Cover and Ballast
13.    Weathering Track
14.    Weathering Trains Engines I 
15.    Weathering Trains Engines II
16.    Weathering Trains Engines III
17.    Weathered Train Action
     18.    Weather Rolling Stk, make coal loads
     19.    Coal Train Action
20.    Weathering Buildings Part I
21.    Weathering Buildings Part II
22.    Detail Bridges, make fences
23.    Final Train Action, Conclusion

Black Diamond Railway DVD Part II

Below is a trailer and table of contents for Part II