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Added Photo Album and Video of my new 3rdRail Santa Fe E8
NEW VIDEO released 10_9_17!!!!
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Updated Main webpage 5-12-14
Added AmtrakGenesis 12-14-12
Added two Steam engines (SF, MwRoad) 12-14-12
Photos of new Elevated Subway and Part II video announcement 9/16/12
Added MTH Santa Fe Dash-8CW 7/29/11
Added Lionel Vision Line Clinchfield Challenger #672
Added Canadian National ES44 and SD40T 10/9/10
Added photos of Santa Fe 2-10-4 10/8/10
Going to Fall York Show Oct 14-16th
Added photos of weathered UPES44 9/24/10
Now Selling Premium Ground Covers!  7/18/10
Added "Replacing the MTH Steam Engine "Curly" Tether" on "How-to" page 7/3/10
Added "Wiring Power through AIU" on "How-to" page 6/13/10
Selling MTH Union Pacific FEF on Ebay 5/24/10
Added photos to bottom of layout page showing new backdrop 3/26/10
Updated the "Layout" page with new photos 2/29/10
Started Adding to the "How-to" section 1/9/10
Added Preview for new DVD!  1/2/10
Updated CSX SD50 with weathered photos 11/1/09
Added NYC Mohawk 10/27/09
Added UP ES44AC 5/14/09
Added Norfolk Southern U30C 12/20/08
Added CB&Q M4-a 2-10-4   12/5/08
Added Norfolk Southern Dash-8 9/18/08
Updated website, added "how-to" and "FAQ" 9/14/08
Added CSX SD50 #8675  7/27/08
Added N&W Y6B 7/11/08
Added PRR E-8 5/10/08
Added video clip for the UP 2-12-4 #9010
Added photo of new layout extension and 3D image 4/27/08
Added Norfolk Southern F-7 ABBA OCS 3/3/08
Added UP 2-12-4 #9010 steam engine 02/09/08
Added CSX AC4400 #412 (Weathered) 01/15/08
Added N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 12/28/07
Added N&W F-7 ABA diesels  12/21/07
New survey on home page 12/11/07
Added NPR Berkshire 2-8-4 #769 11/20/07
Added Pennsylvania FA-2 ABA diesels 11/10/07
Added Lehigh Valley FT ABBA diesels 11/04/07
Added BNSF AC4400 & SD70ACe  10/28/07
Released DVD video, The Black Diamond Railway! 9/29/07
Added Greenbrier 4-8-4 #600 8/21/07
Added CSX AC4400 (Scale Wheels) 6/10/07
Added CSX SD70ACe (Scale Wheels) 6/10/07
Updated main page and DVD Preview 4/18/07
Added Southern Pacific F-3 Daylight  2/07/07
Added Union Pacific FEF 4-8-4  2/7/07
Added many engines to "Modern Diesels" including new UP SD50   12/18/06
Added Allegheny Photos and video preview 11/28/06
Restructured Photos/Videos Page 11/26/06
Added Clinchfield Challenger 4-6-6-4  10/29/06
Added Reading T1 4-8-2 Photos 10/8/06
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Added Photos for UP Big Boy in Photos/Videos 8/30/06
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